Saturday, January 1, 2011

First green and growing things of 2011

So the kerbs are starting the year well:

The chives (out of frame) are tall and skinny, supercilious and supermodel-y. The basil, as you can see, is a linebacker. The parsley still hasn't emerged; it's still wearing its little protective plastic helmet--it's going to need it if that basil gets mean. The oregano is a goofy hackysacker. The sage, I think, is a chess-playing strategist: making a late move, now hurrying to take up space before parsley gets going. Marjoram is one of those free spirit types, grabby and gabby and desperate to tell you all about its deeply significant dreams. Thyme (also out of frame, but probably deliberately) I suspect is a spy. Doesn't like to be in the spotlight...

And here's the ravine, cold, clear, sunny. A beautiful way to start the year:

Have a delicious day. I'll be spending most of it reading. Yay!

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