Monday, January 10, 2011

Dolphins and snow in Puget Sound

NASA image via Wikipedia

I woke up this morning to snow. Just a pretty dusting but, still: snow. Yet last week the local papers were full of news about a healthy (as opposed to washed up dead) bottlenose dolphin in Puget Sound. Snow. Dolphins. I can't quite bring them together in my head. I don't think they do belong together.

The climate is changing. Fish runs are moving; their predators are moving with them. But Some foolhardy explorer always has to go first. But explorers don't have good survival rates. So my guess is this dolphin will die of the cold unless it finds its way back to California and parts south very soon.

No doubt it was the same for our modern human ancestors venturing out of Africa 100,000+ years ago. Yet here we are now. So it wouldn't surprise me to find, 200 years from now, dolphins sporting in the Salish Sea.

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