Monday, November 15, 2010

My life on the intarwub: random numbers

As I've spent the last few days doing nothing but work on Hild, I have nothing of substance to say about anything else, so I thought I'd offer some random numbers about my life online.

I have 1,908 Twitter followers. Most of my Tweets, oddly, seem to be about food, weather moments, and TV. On Facebook I have 2005 friends. But Facebook is mostly a mirror of this blog and my Twitter stream. The comments are different, though, so I suppose it's not exactly a mirror after all. One of life's little paradoxes. In this incarnation of Ask Nicola, there are (so far) 941 published posts, dating from 3/29/08. However, I do occasionally add to the archives an old Ask Nicola question and answer from the original (and then second) incarnation of Ask Nicola (Which ran on my website and began in 1995--or was it '94?) See, for example, Are you a lesbian? and it's related post, There is no such thing as a lesbian book.

One day soon, yes, I really will redesign that webpage. Though soon, until I finish Hild, is a relative term.

Until then, are there any other numbery things you want to know about my life on the intarwub?

ETA: On Facebook, I was asked: how many pages do I have of Hild now, and how many words is that? While not strictly an internetly number, I'm happy to answer: 764 pp and 158,000 words. Yep, it's long.

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