Saturday, November 13, 2010

Laburnum, Lilac, Laurel, RIP

all gone

Our neighbours have just cut down a whole row of trees and shrubs, so many I can't bear to name them all. Our privacy has been destroyed. This sucks really hard. No, the neighbours aren't evil; they have a groundwater/drainage issue. If they don't fix it, their house will slide into the ravine. But, still, we are suffering.

So now I throw myself upon the kindness of the intarweeb and ask the gardeners among you: what grows very tall very fast and doesn't cost too much? We're going to need something about 12' high (minimum), and, oh, twenty feet wide. And dense. A happy habitat for birds is a plus. We have drainage concerns and construction of our own, so we may or may not be able to plant deeply-rooted thing. (Tonight will be the night of rooting about in old documentation to find ancient blueprints and our Form 17, the real estate disclosure/declaration provided by the previous homeowners about Issues. Yeah, lotsa fun.)

I'd be particularly pleased if we could attract hummingbirds with the new plantings. We have a lot around here, but they seem very stupid--always trying to drink from the climbing roses at the front. So something brightly coloured and scented with droopy flowers would probably work. Mainly, though: tall and thick and fast. Evergreen preferred.

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