Tuesday, February 2, 2010

attention all LGBT book lovers!

Here's the call for contributors from Antonio Gonzalez,'s web producer. is poised to become the leading online destination for LGBT related book news, links, interviews, reviews, and much more. Our aim is to become a dynamic space for LGBT book lovers to gather, share links, network, read reviews, and comment on the state of LGBT literary affairs.

Ours is not a one-stop shop that looks to usurp the hard work of our online peers. Instead we provide a thoughtful, relevant, of-the-moment road map from which to explore the existing network of our LGBT literary landscape. In order to accomplish this we'll need the support of the growing constellation of LGBT book bloggers, critics,
authors, journalists, and impassioned readers. That means we'll need you.

We're looking for writers who want to raise awareness of the sometimes underrepresented books in our evolving literary community, writers who provoke discussion, and will help us to pass down our rich literary heritage. You will be tasked to take action and link back to our site, send us your event information, press releases, and contact information. Together we'll help create the online community and presence we deserve.

THE e-ZINE: The mission of the new webzine portion of the site is to:

1. Aggregate the best LINKS from mainstream and LGBT book news websites, newspapers, and blogs (including influential authors, book bloggers, and literary opinion leaders) through our daily "DataStream" of breaking news, calls for submissions, and events list. (Left Column)
2. Feature provocative interviews, underreported stories, and thoughtful, of-the-moment book reviews. (Center column)
3. Nurture a social community that comments, critiques, links back, twitters, blogs, and interacts not only online, but in person as well — one that integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and a network of select web partners. (Right column)

THE FOUNDATION: The mission of the nonprofit organization portion of the site is to:

1. Provide the latest, most accurate information about our Programs (such as Lambda Literary Awards and Writers' Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices)
2. Offer easy ways to DONATE and VOLUNTEER so that our organization can thrive.
3. Give a clear sense of our 22-year history, mission, and policy priorities, plus board of trustees/staff information.
4. Supply readers with a directory of LGBT and LGBT-friendly publishers, bookstores, bloggers, agents, editors and other literary contacts.

In order to accomplish that vision we'll need help from supporters of LGBT literature—people like you. Yours will be an incredibly important task—to raise awareness of the many underrepresented, sometimes overlooked books from our evolving literary community, to provoke discussion, and to pass down our rich literary heritage.


If you'd like to join our community of writers, reviewers, bloggers, and editorial partners please email Antonio Gonzalez (

If you'd like to learn how to donate, sponsor, volunteer or participate in our Foundation programs please email Tony Valenzuela (

1. Your full name
2. Mailing address
3. Email
4. Phone number
5. Area of expertise

Now here's my plea: go fill in our survey/feedback form here. This is an especially strong plea to those of you who have felt underrepresented in the past. We need your input. We need help. Books by Big Names in LGBT publishing often have publicity teams behind them; we hear about them first. But we want to know what else is going on. We have many talents, but mind-reading, sadly, is not one of them. Please, tell us about anything you think might otherwise fall between the cracks.

The data we gather now will influence our editorial stance, so, please, make your voice heard.

One thing--some people have run into a glitch with the form. I'm not sure we've fixed it yet. But one immediate workaround is call to type 'test' into any box that demands an answer and call it good. Sorry for the hassle.

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