Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another delicious evening

Last night's dinner was another gift of deliciousness from our neighbour, Vicki, the artist. Chicken thighs stuffed with sausage, homemade pasta tossed with fried sage leaves and chive blossom (all picked from Vicki's garden) homemade white chocolate and cherry cake. And Kelley made us more of that roasted pineapple and rum milkshake.

Mind-bogglingly good.

I just have to say something extra about the chive blossom: delicate, aromatic, beautiful to look at as well as to taste. Lovely lovely lovely.

Vicki, by the way, is preparing a blockprint of Kelley and me. I think it's going to be astonishing. I'm trying to persuade her to print off a very limited edition (she uses the most gorgeous paper--mulberry?) in case anyone else wants one. More on that down the line.

For now, though, I'm preparing to cope with the heat. It's going to get close to ninety degrees here in Seattle. Ooof. Time to go get my hair cut--like those poor English Sheepdogs that get themselves shaved every summer...

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