Saturday, November 15, 2008

a kitten called Lore

I had a note from Jo, a reader of my MySpace blog (which is usually mirrored from here):

I finished Slow River about two weeks ago and really liked it. And I have to say, Lore is right. Kittens should be round. I just got my new batch of foster kittens in and some of them are half-starved. It is incredible what people will do to animals. I named the smallest one Lore, for luck.

So I asked Jo to keep me informed of Lore's progress, and got this:

Thanks to the foster lady who had him before me, I think he's out of the woods (as long as he doesn't get sick). He has a little round tummy now, but the rest of his body is pretty skinny still. He has more energy than I would have thought, though, and loves to climb everything he can, so that is a good sign. Pic at

The rescue of this kitten had nothing to do with me but I feel inordinately proud, nonetheless. May all kittens be round.

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