Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here's an old 'news' snippet about work and leisure:

When family rights advocate John De Graff started doing some historical research, he came across a shocking discovery — that medieval European peasants had more vacation time than modern American office workers.

De Graff, the national coordinator of Take Back Your Time Day, based his figures on the number of religious holidays peasants took off to eat, drink, and spend time with their families, and found it was about two weeks extra. He even printed up T-shirts saying: "Medieval Peasants Had More Vacation Than You."

(thanks, Cindy)

First of all, really, is anyone surprised by this? Americans work themselves to death because they have d/evolved to do so: all those Puritans breeding with each other for generations and fixing the Work Ethic gene. This is a continent full of motivated mutants. So, you worker bees, take some time off, go find a lazy, happy peasant and breed up a storm. It's good for you.

Second, wow, can you think of a lamer t-shirt? Uh, that's a rhetorical question. But, okay, I'm open to suggestions for (or links to existing) really, really cool t-shirts. My current favourite: The only good language is a dead language. If someone ever felt the urge to make me one, with a cool design, I'd smile and say 'Gimme!'

So what's your favourite t-shirt?

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