Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aud audio

From: Karina

I read on your blog that you spend some time in the recording studio and I wondered if you are planing on releasing an audiobook sometime soon. My wife is a full-time gamer and the only way I can get her to "read" is by loading those things into her iPod and placing it strategically near her morning coffee. She's eager to follow a great story as long as it doesn't require her eyes to leave the screen. I'm pretty sure she would go gaga over your Aud novels, if I could only find a way to feed them directly into her headphones. If your answer is "Sorry no, no plans for audiobooks", I guess I can wait for years of Friday Audio to go by and stitch the weekly readings of The Blue Place together... Please say yes.

Well, I have spent some time in the studio, when I was 21 and recording music, and I've been in the studio to do radio interviews, but I don't have access to a studio to record my novels. Also I don't have the energy at the moment. Plus, no audio publisher is the least bit interested in my work. So I'm sorry to say that the answer for now is 'no'.

Many people have tried to persuade me of the goodness of books in audio format. I don't disagree. I would just rather someone else did all the work. Reading well is tiring and time-consuming. Five novels and a memoir would take, oh, three or four solid 40-hour weeks to record. I'd be dead of exhaustion before I got halfway through. Sigh.

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