Thursday, August 21, 2008

queer because of demonic possession

I thought this was a joke at first but apparently not:

WESTMINSTER, UK, August 15, 2008 ( - A priest of Westminster, the leading diocese of the Catholic Church of England and Wales, has written that promiscuity, whether homosexual or heterosexual, can lead to dire spiritual consequences, in addition to the dangers to physical health.

Promiscuity, as well as homosexuality and pornography, says 73 year-old Fr. Jeremy Davies, is a form of sexual perversion and can lead to demonic possession. Offering what may be an explanation for the explosion of homosexuality in recent years, Fr. Davies said, "Among the causes of homosexuality is a contagious demonic factor."

I grew up Catholic. Most priests I met were either not really there, just going through the motions--stuck in a role/job they didn't like but with no idea how to escape--or very reasonable human beings with a practical and engaging mindset. (See for example the second of these two video readings from my memoir, And Now We Are Going to Have a Party.) I had the whole Catholic experience, including convent school, and never encountered a wingnut like this. Wow. The nuttiness is almost awe-inspiring. Except, of course, if left unchallenged it can lead to things like the Spanish Inquisition and witch burnings. I seriously hope Westminster sends this lunatic to a comfy and secure retirement home where he can mumble his muffin quietly in the corner and the nuns make sure he takes his meds.

While you're reading the article, listen to "Antiworld" by Nina Hagen, from 1982's Nunsexmonkrock:

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