Sunday, May 25, 2008

quotes, an occasional series #1: slinkies

Every couple of weeks I think I'll pull one of my favourite quotes--usually lifted from someone's sig file--and talk about it. Let's begin with this one:

Some folks are like slinkies. They aren't good for very much, but they make you smile when you push them down stairs.
-- Unknown (from internet)

As you can see, I don't remember where I got it from, and I don't know who wrote it. But it is guaranteed to make me smile, even on a truly sucky day. I think about pushing some waste of space down the stairs and, aaah, suddenly I feel much better: my imaginary service to humanity.

When I first started living with Kelley, and I would casually say something violent--huh, I'd like to nail his intestines to a tree then whip him round the trunk a couple of times--she would pale. I think she thought she'd married a psychopath. But while I do think in brightly-coloured cartoon violence terms, I'd never actually do any of it. (Unless, y'know, threatened. Or really pissed off.)

Whenever I get email from people who say they really dig the Aud books except for when she, like, goes around all the time thinking how easy it would be to kill someone because they, y'know, so don't believe anyone would think that way, I snort into my beer. I think that way. I think that way all the time. It improves many tedious situations. Try it.

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