Monday, January 1, 1996

like your book Ammonite but I haven't finish reeding it

From: anonymous

Hi Nicola, I really like your book Ammonite, but I haven't finish reeding it and I also have to write about six page essay, I have the book at home, but I don't have time to finish on time and to write about something. So if you could help me for something, even a little introduction about the book and the reason you wrote about, will help. I know it was your first book and you won and award, but I need your help now please. Thanks for you help.

I'm sorry to hear you have so little time. Me too, which is why I'm not going to be writing a whole bunch of stuff for you to put in your essay. (There's plenty of material on the web page that might be useful--especially in the interview with Holland SF.) I'm biased of course, but I'd say that if you have limited time, you'd be better off finishing Ammonite and not bothering with the essay...

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