Hild fanart and cat pictures

These first two are pictures of Hild by Justine. In the first I imagine Hild's just figuring out this staff thing.
And here she's a bit older, a bit more at home with it. But clearly unhappy about something. Maybe she's just seen what happened to the farming couple to whom she sent that family of bandits.
I suspect there'll be more and I can't wait to see where this goes.

The second two are by Angelique, one drawn not long after a magnificent gift of wine while I was still writing the novel and neither of us knew where the story was heading or how much of Hild's life I would cover. But we did know we're both fans ofAsterix the Gaul...

And the second came a little while later when I was working on both Hild and Angelique's amazing article in the Quarterly Review of Biology in which she explains her hypothesis that multiple sclerosis is not a disease of the immune system but a lipid metabolism disorder.
There's another but I still haven't sorted that out. Eh, I'll get to it one day.

Meanwhile here are the cat pictures (and one dog):

Ajax, who utterly dominates David J. Williams, can read upside down

Kevin dreams of being a gesith
Stinkyboy the valiant guards Colleen
Petunia will fight you for a book

Fitz (who owns Traci Castleberry) also can read upside down--but prefers library books
Bliss (who supervises Jo Booms) reads to the fish
Hilda (who advises Pastor Pilgrim) communes with an ARC

Talya the Russian Princess (who is served by Anne) has her way with Hild 
Cassie, who owns Brian Zottoli, ponders Hugo nominations

Joy, who owns Jo Booms (at least for now) reads her six-day old son, Wensleydale, to sleep...
 Harvest Moon (who shares Jo Booms with Joy) likes reading on the mantel
...and Wensleydale get big enough to learn to read

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