The Blue Place  |  Stay  |  Always

Seven months after the tragedy that unfolds in The Blue Place, Aud is rebuilding a log cabin in the middle of the Appalachians. She wants nothing to do with the world. She hopes nature will heal her.

But then Dornan, her only real friend, tracks her down. He needs her to find his runaway fiancée. Aud feel obliged to help--and finds herself up against both a sociopath so artful that the law can't touch him, and her own demons.

Aud wins--she always wins--but the price is a new understanding of herself, a return to Atlanta, and the renunciation of her wilderness redoubt.

Simply gorgeous--a powerful character study in the rough domain of mystery and adventure. It made me glad to read it.
- Dorothy Allison

A brilliant and multifaceted novel. Tautly plotted and pulsating with energy, this is a novel that won't let go, alternately searing and shocking, soaring with lyrical prose that's close to poetry in places. Compelling. Stunning.

Darkly revealing, furiously entertaining.
- Kirkus

Brutal and beautifully wrought.
- San Diego Union-Tribune

A brutal, beautiful world.
- Seattle Times

Taut, compelling, impressive.
- Booklist

Gripping. A strong literary thriller.
- Seattle P-I

The Blue Place  |  Stay  |  Always

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