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One scary, gorgeous creature who loses herself in the beauty and balletic control of pure violence. An exceptional woman.
- Village Voice

Delicious... Wildly and exuberantly violent. Enthralling, utterly convincing, unique.
- Publishers Weekly (starred)

Aud Torvingen is the avenging angel inside us all. She's fast, frightening, startlingly sexy. I promise you, she'll haunt your days long after you've finished the book.
- Manda Scott

Knows how to fight, kill, survive and think. One of my favorite kick-ass, super-competent, coolheaded, hotblooded, semilegal girls.

Without Aud, it’s hard to see how there could have been a Lisbeth Salander.
- Val McDermid

Griffith's real genius is in her portrayal of Aud.
Village Voice

Aud Torvingen: child of a Norwegian diplomat and a Chicago businessman. Thirty-one. A rangy six-footer with eyes the colour of cement, and the tendency to hurt people who get in her way. On the Atlanta streets, they know she's a retired SWAT team lieutenant. At cocktail parties, they know who her mother is. She glides from one world to another, utterly at ease: beautiful and functional as a folded razor.

Aud was born in Norway, a harsh and marginal land: in winter, a land of ice and snow, dark and monochromatic; in summer, two months of midnight sun, air as sharp as the juice of artic strawberries, and smelling of sweet meadow grass. A land of black or white, on or off, yes or no.

Aud knows danger. When it sits opposite and offers you the cup and dice, you should walk away. Danger, that casually violent viking, with its well-used axe and huge ham hands, is out to take you for all you're worth. Danger loads the dice.  Danger cheats.

But Aud, like Norway, knows no compromise. She always plays. She always wins. Sometimes she loses herself in that cool blue place where everything slows down, becomes perfectly clear, and violence is bliss...

Aud is an expert at what she does. So is Griffith.
The Oregonian

Sexy and iconic.
- Voice Literary Supplement

White hot, an enigmtic heroine unlike any ever before.
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Sleek, sexy, and decidedly dangerous.
- Advocate

Tough, sexy, and alluring.
- Seattle Weekly

Smart, resourceful, cool as a cucumber.
- New York Times Book Review

- Seattle Times

- San Diego Union-Tribune

The sexiest action figure since James Bond.
- Seattle Weekly

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