Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mountain passes in December

I'd never been to Central Washington before, never been through the passes in December. We were ready to do the tire chain thing. Here's how it looked on the way in:

As you can see, the road was pretty good, but I wouldn't have wanted to drive it two weeks ago, or two weeks from now (look at those ice cascades on the right). We were lucky.

After my first event at the Wenatchee Public Library, we found a lovely wee Italian restaurant. Wenatchee isn't very big, but they managed to provide us a delicious '96 Barbaresco!
The next day it was the Leavenworth Public Library. Leavenworth is, well, it bills itself as a Bavarian village. In Washington State. They have lights...
The next day we went back to Leavenworth and spent a couple of hours in their wonderful bookshop, A Book For All Seasons, where I chatted to customers and signed books.

Then it was time to head west through the passes again. And again, we were lucky. The chains stayed in their bag.
Tomorrow: Port Townsend! (Ferries, not mountain passes...) Hope to see you there. It's going to be a faaaabulous event!
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