Saturday, December 13, 2014

Live on Sunday morning morning, KSER 90.7

I'm doing a live interview Sunday morning for KSER's Global Griot in Everett. It starts at 9 am. It's less an interview than a 45-minute conversation with the host, Mary Dessain, about storytelling: how it works, what it does to us as people, and how it's woven into every human endeavour. You can listen live, and then the recording will be available here. I haven't done live radio, as opposed to live-to-tape (most podcasts) and taped-then-edited (most national public radio) for years, so it should be...interesting.

A reminder that the Port Townsend interview I did with Chris Wilson on KPTZ is here (streaming—though if you follow the link you can also subscribe to the podcast and listen at your leisure). It's less than 30 minutes and goes away January 23.

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