Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blowing shit up!

There's something about the earnest wishes of the media and populace at large that this should be a peaceful time of year that just makes me want to blow shit up. As this is regarded as an antisocial tendency, I have restricted myself to my imagination. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered the Action Movie app three years ago.

Cars are dangerous

Here's the very first short sequence I made at an intersection where everyone in Seattle was being very well-behaved, very polite. Well, I figure out how to fix that. Chortle.

But I have since moved on to the serious business of destroying Christmas itself. Particularly that symbol of super nice, the Christmas tree. Here's this year's crop.


This is one I've done before, but I like it a lot: like being able to pan and then focus the fire properly on the tree. Also, well, dragons!

Photon Torpedoes

This one was tricky. I tried it over and over from a variety of angles. In the end I couldn't hit the tree bang on no matter what I tried. But, y'know, the USS Enterprise takes out my tree. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect.

Hit it with a rock...

This might be my favourite. It always makes me want to shout with delight. Blam! It's so definite...

Missile strike

Simple, classic, lovely whistling sound...

Drones Annoy Christmas

They look so very harmless, almost cute. At first.

Hellfire Missile Takes Out the Tree

And finally, the video YouTube keeps trying to enhance because it's shaky. But it's meant to be shaky, YouTube. It's video of a mind-bogglingly powerful piece of ordnance shot high up at great speed. Tuh!

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