Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On the cover of September Locus magazine

I'm on the cover of this month's Locus magazine. I was interviewed by Francesca Myman at the Nebula Awards weekend at the beginning of May. Francesca also took the photo and designed the cover which is lovely, stuffed with luscious ammonite- and phi-ness. I'm looking forward to seeing it up close and in person.

The only way to read the interview — it's long and juicy, more than 4,000 words — is to buy your own copy.

Frances is a good interviewer — so it mostly makes sense. I was mostly off the opiates at that point, but it's a direct transcription of a verbal interview, so it's interesting: simple sentence structure and lots of short, blunt words. I had the opportunity to edit but chose to do nothing but correct one spelling mistake and clarify a couple of points which I'm guessing I made at the time with facial expression and hand gesture.

Should any of you read it, I'd be curious about what you think.

ETA: And here's a look at the inside spread.
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