Saturday, August 9, 2014

A list of bookshops in the UK

I've pointed readers before to this international list of independent bookstores. Now I've finally got around to a UK-specific list.

These are booksellers in the UK, including mini-chains, where you should either be able to find Hild or they'll order it for you. (I'm assuming you all know where your local Waterstones is: they'll order the book, too.) The organisation is a little eccentric (especially the London section). I decided not to break things up by country or county, just alphabetically by city. Theh links are eccentric, too: some bookshops seem to have been taken over by a mini-chain but not changed their URL—assuming they'd bothered with a website in the first place (I've had to resort to Twitter and Facebook links here and there).

There are some lovely-looking bookshops here. No doubt I could add more. This list is far from complete: a mix of info from friends, readers, and my publisher. I'm relying on you to help me fill in gaps. What's your favourite bookshop in the UK?

* Aberdeen: Blackwell's

* Abbingdon: Mostly Books

* Aldeburgh: Aldeburgh Bookshop Ltd.

* Banchory: Yeadons

* Bath: Topping and Co Booksellers Ltd

* Brighton and Hove: City Books

* Bristol: Blackwell's
* Bristol: Foyles

* Cambridge: Heffers Academic and General

* Carlisle: Bookends

* Chepstow: Chepstow Bookshop

* Chipping Norton: Jaffe and Neal Ltd

* Colchester: Red Lion Books Ltd
* Cochester: Wivanhoe Bookshop

* Edinburgh: Blackwell's
* Edinburgh: Word Power

* East Grinstead: The Bookshop

* Elgin: Yeadons

* Exeter: Blackwell's

* Haverfordwest: Victoria Bookshop Limited

* Hebden Bridge: The Bookcase

* Hexham: Cogito

* Ilkley: The Grove Bookshop

* Keswick: Bookends

* Leeds: Blackwell's
* Leeds: Radish

* Liverpool: News From Nowhere

* London: Blackwell's (x2)
* London: Forbidden Planet 
* London: Gay's the Word
* London: Foyles Ltd (x many)
* London: Daunt Books (x several)
* London: The British Library Bookshop 
* London: Barnes Bookshop
* London: Village Books

* Lowdham: The Bookcase

* Ludlow: Castle Bookshop

* Lytham-St-Anne's: Plackitt and Booth Booksellers

* Manchester: EJ Morton

* Monmouth: Rossiter Books

* Newcastle: Blackwell's

* Norwich: The Book Hive
* Norwich: Jarrold and Sons Limited

* Nottingham: Five Leaves

* Oxford: Blackwell's

* Penarth: Windsor Bookshop

* Penzance: Edge of the World Bookshop

* Petersfield: One Tree Books

* Petworth: The Petworth Bookshop Ltd

* Plymouth: University Bookseller

* Richmond: Kew Books Ltd

* Ross-on-Wye: Rossiter Books

* Saltaire: Salt's Mill

* Sheffield: Rhyme and Reason
* Sheffield: Blackwell's

* Sherborne: Winstone Books

* Spalding: Bookmark

* St Peter's Port: The Lexicon Ltd

* St Ives: The St Ives Bookseller

* Stockport: Simply Books

* Tetbury: The Yellow Lighted Bookshop

* Totnes: Totnes Bookshop

* Whitby: Whitby Bookshop

* Woodford Green: Village Bookshop
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