Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday, 9th May at 7 pm: reading at Elliott Bay Book Company

Join me and a bunch of other Lambda Literary Award finalists at the Elliott Bay Book Company for a reading and celebration on Friday night at 7 pm.

The evening, MC'd by Matthilda Sycamore, will feature ten writers from eight books contending for the prizes (one is an anthology, so the editor and two contributors will be attending):

  • Mattilda B. Sycamore
  • Nicola Griffith
  • Chavisa Woods
  • Evan Peterson
  • Roma Raye
  • Amber Dawn
  • Jason Friedman
  • L.C. Chase
  • Amy Shepherd
  • Ryan Crawford
I will, of course, be reading from Hild.

My hope is that we start on time, move fast (they will be short readings, less than five minutes each), and let the nice bookstore employees have the room in an expeditious manner so they can get home. But I just want to point out that Elliott Bay has a café that sells beer. And if I remember correctly that's open til 10 pm. Could be fun. Just saying.
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