Thursday, April 3, 2014

Listen to this! Enhanced audio of HILD!

Last month I recorded an interview for To the Best of Our Knowledge. Naturally, I talked about Hild. I also read three wee snippets* from the book.

The technical director at TTBOOK, a sound wizard called Caryl Owen, took those three bits and turned them into magic by layering in the low roar of wind in the elms, the thrum of a bowstring, the crackle of flame...

The whole interview will go live in a day or two, but to tease you, here's one of those nuggets of sound--a reading you've never heard before, just over a minute from the middle of the book. The menace comes as much from the enhancements Caryl added as my words. I love it. It makes me more determined than ever to one day record one of my books myself.**

Let me know what you think.

* Each around 90 seconds long
** That is, to read it myself, and maybe to have the fabulous Caryl engineer it. It's a question of time and energy: I own the audio rights to everything I've ever published--except Hild, of course, which already has a great audio book.

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