Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hild roundup #17

Hild has now been out over five months. News, reviews, interviews and so are slowing down--at least in the US. But the ebook just came out in the UK and ANZ and other Commonwealth countries--though without publicity because those efforts are waiting til July and the hardback publication. We are, as they say, keeping our powder dry...

As always, I only quote a tiny representative sample from the whole. If it sounds interesting, click through. And if you appreciate the work the reviewer or interviewer has done, please tell them so! People love to know they're being read or listened to.

Also, other roundups are here. (I still haven't got around to properly breaking down and indexing the whole. There's been a lot going on...)

San Francisco Book Review
"The beauty of the medieval historical novel Hild is that it is a story about a woman who becomes a powerful and inspirational figure…"

As the Moon Climbs
Hild by Nicola Griffith, Valerie Valdes
"Sometimes you take a bite of a treat expecting one flavor, and find yourself savoring something entirely different but nonetheless delicious…"

Geek Girl in love
"Anyone who is interested in the craft of writing should read at least some of this book"

Reflets de mes lectures
"La lectrice de ce dernier est d'ailleurs très agréable. En bref, Hild est un roman de très bonne qualité que je ne peux que conseiller."
[It’s in French, but a Google translation will give you the gist.]

Quoi de neuf sur ma pile?
"Très documenté, "Hild" est aussi très joliment écrit, dans un anglais teinté d’archaïsme qui colle parfaitement au contexte."
[Yep, more French, but this is longer and juicier and, well, Google will have a stab at this, too.]

To the Best of Our Knowledge (Audio)
[To coincide with the premiere of season four of Game of Thrones, a pretty interesting selection of interviews, including Karen Joy Fowler and George R.R. Martin.]

[I don't disagree with the wider point, which is that we need more diversity, but I don't entirely agree with some of the assertions.]

And finally Joy (who owns Jo Booms, at least for now) reads her six-day old son, Wensleydale, to sleep...
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