Monday, March 17, 2014

HILD UK cover reveal

The UK edition of Hild will be published by Blackfriars

The ebook and paperback will be available in fifty-plus territories: UK, Australia, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, South Africa, Malaysia, Myanmar, Jordan, Sri Lanka etc. The hardback will mainly be for the UK, I think, but I'm guessing some enterprising retailers will be willing to ship. More on links to retailers in another post.

Blackfriars agree with my original notion of Hild cover art: no representation of Hild. Perhaps it's a cultural thing. I am very, very happy with this:

Original art Anna and Elena Balbusso, original design Charlotte Strick, Blackfriars design Sian Wilson 
I particularly like the way that, without Hild and her unfathomable gaze taking up all the air, the lettering and the cross come to the fore. They hint (to me) of knife cuts on wood, and bloody deeds.

You want to hear some of those bloody deeds? Then on April 6th tune into your local NPR station and To the Best of Our Knowledge; I'll be reading a one-minute segment of Hild being the butcher bird of Elmet, plus two other snippets as well. And, of course, talking to Anne Strainchamps. I hope you'll join us.
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