Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Video of Hild reading and Q&A

The Hild audiobook came out yesterday. In celebration, here are two short videos taken from the Hugo House gig in Seattle last month. 

First, the longest: 31 minutes of the real me, complete with, ah, language. I'm answering readers' questions about all kinds of stuff: research, writing process, knowing the ending before you begin, publicity for aspiring writers, and so on.

Second, one of the readings--from the very beginning of the book--which is much shorter, about 8 minutes long:

There's more; we got the whole evening on tape. If you like these clips
I'll post the whole enormous video (intro of me, my intro to the evening, two readings, whole Q and A). It's long, absolutely, but if that kind of thing floats your boat...

All camera work by the amazing Kurt Lorenz.
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