Sunday, December 8, 2013

Seattle Public Library: Tuesday, 12/10, 7 pm

If you're going to be in Seattle the night of Tuesday December 10, please join me for a fantabulous evening in the Microsoft Auditorium at the spectacular downtown central library

Here's a confession: I've never set foot in that building before. So come on down and make me feel welcome. In return I'll give you a rip-roaring evening of assassination, derring-do, and growing up, and I will answer just about any question you ask. (The Q and A is one of the things I like best; I get to tell outrageous stories. Some of them are even true...)

Also, I'll sign your book--which hopefully you will buy from the most amazing University Book Store, which will be sponsoring the event. 

You know you love Ubooks. You know you love SPL. And you know you love a great story. So come and hang out for an hour or two. And let me take you back fourteen hundred years to a child called Hild who is about to have her life changed--and in turn start changing others...
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