Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hild sales graph

This pleases me very much.

This is a graph from my Bookscan sales numbers for Hild. You can see where pre-orders kickstart the whole thing when the book debuts on 11.12.13. Then a natural dip as everyone catches their breath. Then sales start picking up again with word of mouth. After the NYTBR ad they zoom.

I haven't included actual numbers for two reasons. One, Bookscan doesn't cover the whole market--some Big Box stores and some big independents don't report--so I don't have access to what's going on, ah, off the page. And, two, it's about money, and while I'll happily share money details with friends and family I've become American enough to understand that talking about it in public is Not Done. Also, I literally have no clue what kind of sales the audiobook is enjoying. And I mean none, no window at all. (Mainly because I forgot to ask...) So a more mature assessment will come later. 

But: Woo hoo! This is absolutely thrilling for a writer: the more people read, the more they tell their friends. It's like a dream. It won't last, of course (more's the pity!) but meanwhile I'm enjoying every minute.
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