Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hild roundup #1

One week to go and then Hild is unleashed on the world. With any luck at this time next week I'll be insensible in a heap of empty Champagne bottles...

I'll do my best to keep you apprised of new reviews and interviews as they appear. Meanwhile, to help me — and you — keep track of all things Hildish I'll be creating wee roundups of what's been going on. From the last week:

  • Hild is an Editor's Choice at the Historical Novel Society. Go read HNS' lovely review in which they opine, "Griffith’s narrative flows like a river; Hild’s thoughts and deeds are expressed in pitch-perfect tone, in prose approaching poetry...utterly brilliant." Chortle.
  • Another great review in Chaotic Compendiums: "If you read one book in the historical fiction genre this year, Hild is the one. It is epic and the writing is gorgeous - sprawling across seventh century Britain much like my cat sprawls in the window each morning to catch the sun on his belly. It is bursting with story - rich, detailed, fully imagined." Imagine my Cheshire Cat grin.
  • Shelf Awareness review, in which Ilana Teitlebaum tells us that Hild is really a novel about love and friendship. (With a bit of, y'know, sex and violence and low cunning.)
  • Publishers Weekly did a video interview, in which I explain why Patrick O'Brian is so awesome and Dickens, well, isn't:

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