Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lovely review in Kirkus

I don't know who reviewed it, but someone at Kirkus liked Hild:

A book that deserves a place alongside T.H. White, to say nothing of Ellis Peters. Elegantly written—and with room for a sequel.
Which means that I've now seen Hild compared to books by Hilary Mantel, Sigrid Undset, T.H. White, George R.R. Martin, Ellis Peters, and Rosemary Sutcliff. That's six, so far. I wonder how many comps I'll have by the time this book comes out in November...

Maybe we should start a pool. Any bets on gender division (currently: 66/33 or 50/50, depending on whether you go with the sex of the author or the gender of the pseudonym)? Any bets on the number by, say, Thanksgiving? (That is, a fortnight after publication.)

Put your best guess in a comment. I'll mail a signed copy of Hild to the winner. I'll mail it anywhere in the world. With any luck it will be with you, or the recipient of your choice, by the holidays.
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