Monday, July 22, 2013

The Day of Mass Delete and General Apology

When I get overwhelmed by work and life (it happens once or twice a year), I simply delete everything in my mailbox.

That day is rapidly approaching. In fact, by the time you read this it might be here. So, if I owe you an email and you've heard nothing, write to me again. Just not for a ten days or so. Life is currently full. And Hild II awaits...

So. Henceforth I declare the third Sunday of July an annual holiday: the Day of Mass Delete and General Apology.

Here's how it works:

  • Warn family, friends, and colleagues what you're about to do
  • Take a deep breath
  • Open your email
  • Select All, and Delete
  • Turn your fucking Wi-Fi off, for at least four hours, and spend a blessed morning/afternoon/evening at mailbox zero
Then blink, sit in the sun with a cup of tea and some luscious pastry, and think about nothing.

Try it. It's worth it.
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