Monday, March 4, 2013

I am not on the cover of my novel

From: Ed Hall

Damn. Is it my imagination, or have you wound up on the cover of another of your books?
Detail from cover of Hild (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Nov. 2013).
You're the fourth person in four days to ask this. But, no, it's not me. For one thing, I'm considerably older. For another, much shorter-haired. And for yet another, I don't own any spiffy metal coifs. (Though I do have a seax.)

I've never been on the cover of a novel, mine or anyone else's (to my knowledge). But people do see me there anyway. The book I've had most Ha! That's you really, isn't it? comments about is Slow River:
UK and US first editions.
And with this one—the US version at least—I can see a slight similarity. A very flattering one. Plus it's kind of cool that the break in the image goes right through my real-life broken nose.

But the confusion that really made me scratch my head was with the Aud on the cover of The Blue Place. Er, no. It was marginally easier to understand with Stay. After all, that could be anybody.
Both US editions. Because none of the Aud books has appeared in the UK. Yet.
Sadly (idiotically) I made the Aud/Nicola confusion worse by bleaching my hair white in between publication of The Blue Place and Stay. I just didn't think about it. It's one mistake I'll never make again... By Always I was back to my original colour.
Now. And then. By Jennifer Durham and Kelley Eskridge respectively. 
Unless I have a personality transplant and my publishing team loses their collective mind I will never be on the front of one of my novels. But I bet you a pint that this won't stop sometime in the next month saying, Whoa, that's you on the cover of Hild!
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