Friday, February 1, 2013

The blush that means spring is coming

Well, something thinks it's spring here, even if the weather gods are disagreeing rather sullenly. (Sky as low as a zinc pot-lid, and endless, dispirited mizzle.) I've no idea what this bush is. (Azalea? Unlike Hild--and Aud--I do not possess formidable knowledge of local flora.) But it grows alongside our driveway, along with a bunch of other stuff like Oregon grape and vine maple. The bush tits love it out there.

Seeing these blushing pink buds every year is what helps me believe that the miserable Seattle winter* really will end. Spring will come. Then summer--in which I'll be doing a wee bit of travelling this year; more on that anon--and then autumn, when Hild will be published.

My 2013 is shaping up nicely. I hope yours is, too.

* Actually we've been really lucky this year: more sunshine and less rain than usual. More is, of course, a relative term...
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