Monday, February 11, 2013

Ammonite prequel--and more!

From: MP

I find it odd emailing an author after reading her book. In some cases, the book becomes such a personal experience for me that I feel it is mine and that communicating with an 'outsider' about it would be pointless. Which is a testament to your skill as a writer and for that, I am thankful.

I am about to finish Ammonite but I don't really want to finish it because I am pretty sure there is no sequel. So my question is, is there a sequel? Will there be one?

In any case, thank you for writing Ammonite. I already have The Blue Place on my nightstand.
No sequel, but there's a story prequel, "Mirrors and Burnstone," which you can read as a free PDF.

Also, at some point this year, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of publication, there will be a very limited edition (six? two dozen? fifty?) of hand-made art books based on Ammonite. And by handmade I mean every single copy will be unique: nine interior fold-out/accordian pages of two-colour original lino-prints, by Vicki Platts-Brown, of images from the book. On gorgeous fine paper. With quotes from Ammonite--done by hand with an ancient letterpress, and making their own little story. Each book will have end pieces made of something fabulous (slate? copper? resin?). They are designed for display. They will be for sale. As soon as I know more I'll post info.

I hear you on books being a personal experience. They get woven into our lives. For me, at least, they become part of what makes me me. I wouldn't be the person I am without the novels that taught me how to approach the world; Kelley and I wouldn't be together. It warms the cockles of my heart to think that Ammonite might be doing that for you. Thank you.

Oh, and one more thing: don't read the end of The Blue Place in public...
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