Saturday, September 8, 2012

Slanting shadow and burning sun

It's been hot here in Seattle--unusually so for this time of year. Ninety degrees after Labor Day...

It makes the days feel like a gift, and slightly unreal: the sun is burning hot, yes, but the shadows have the slant of early fall, and spiders are beginning to spin their webs.

Perhaps it doesn't help that I'm about to dive deep into an editorial revision of Hild, work I love but that effectively removes me from the twenty-first century. I love wandering about in the seventh-century: the colours, the smells (yeah, I mean smell not scent), the noise, the wind and waves and woods... When other people try to talk to me I smile gently and nod but I've honestly no clue what they're talking about, and after a while they go away.

Which is my way of saying I might not be around a lot in the next couple of days but that I'll be happy, and working, and I hope that where/whenever you are delights you too.

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