Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What sunshine does to me

I've been wrestling with timelines for more Hild. I'm surrounded by drifts of paper covered in indecipherable scribbles, a bewildering scatter of screengrabs, and cryptically-named desktop folders of photos that, once, I'm sure, had Deep Meaning.

I really need to start using Evernote, but keep forgetting.

Why do I keep forgetting? Well, that's what happens when I start thinking about Hild. It's also what happens when I sit out in the sun; I get mazed and muddled. I also get the urge to eat everything in the fridge followed by everything in the fruit basket followed by everything in the cupboard. Also a mildly sunburnt left knee. Why just one? It's a mystery. Also a mystery: why Goodreads won't accept my birthdate but keeps insisting on September 27. And what date was the Battle of Hatfield Chase really? And are all these things spookily, mysteriously connected?

But, y'know, working it all out is too much bother. So today, eh, I got nothing. Have some tulips.

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