Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prettying the potholes

It turns out that one of our neighbours has a puckish sense of humour and an activist streak. It's a pretty cool combination.

Every winter the endless rain opens up potholes on Seattle streets. It used to be that by spring the city had filled them all in. This year, budgets being what they are, not so much. Chiropractors are making a mint.

Our neighbour, after planting her spring garden, found she had a couple of geraniums* left over. She decided to use them to make a point while brightening up the day for us all:

She calls them "punk'd potholes". Drivers slow down, frown, then smile and drive on more slowly and with a greater appreciation for the day.

And I appreciate our neighbour.

* If you've read And We Are Going to Have a Party you know that geranium scent has certain, ah, associations for me. So I've been smiling a lot...
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