Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lambda Literary Award nomination deadline

The deadline to nominate a book for the Lambda Literary Award is today. But Richard Labonte, administrator of the award, has these reassuring words:

Nominations close officially on Dec. 1, but as always there's some leeway for publishers and authors who leave things to the last minute...we've all been there. In the next week, I'll be contacting publishers about a number of books reviewed in past months by the engaged and engaging critics of the Lambda Literary Review, but not yet submitted for consideration by more than 90 judges - but if publishers and publicists (and authors) want to avoid a nudging email, they can access the online submission form here and guidelines about what kind of book can be nominated, and what category is most suitable, here.

Readers are always hungry for good books. But we can't read what we don't know about. So don't hang about. Nominate something!

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