Friday, September 23, 2011

More Hild info

I told you it was epic. Totting up spellcheck results, it appears Light of the World has at least 188 named characters. 'At least' because those are just the ones with the tricky spelling; I'm guessing 200+ is more accurate. Yes, a handful are animals (Winty, a cow; Od, a dog; Acærn, a pony...). Another handful are ancestral and/or legendary characters (Eliffer of the Great Retinue). But most are people who make a real-time appearance in this book (or will in book 2 or 3), and many play significant roles.

Many are actual historical characters. Many I made up. I'll have to find a way to differentiate the two in a list for the book. Oh, I see spreadsheets in my future. And maps. And family trees, glossary, pronunciation guide... A myriad nifty extras for the book and/or website.

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