Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My BBC Radio 4 thing

Part one of the BBC Radio 4 programme, Cat Women of the Moon, is up on iPlayer. It's an interesting mix of writers, academics and others musing on science fiction, sex, and gender. (I didn't get all the names, but included are me, Iain Banks, Farah Mendelsohn, Patricia Duncker, Geoff Ryman, China MiƩville, and the presenter, Sarah Hall.)

Part Two is up next week. Same time, same place (Tuesday, 11:30 am UK time).

A lot of it was standard stuff, but I wanted to hear more from Patricia Duncker and her notions of sexy robots. You?

ETA: Courtesy of Shana at Torque Control, here's a list of books (and other media) mentioned in the programme.

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