Friday, July 1, 2011

Immortals: Trailer 2

I'm guessing the story will be, ah, sub-optimal. And I hope they release a 2-D version. But parts of it will look pretty. And, y'know, battles...
(Via Geeks of Doom)

Kelley's new Clarion West write-a-thon piece, "The Cabaret of Love," is up. This one is creeeepy:

“Oh, come on,” Marty said. “It’ll be fun. Live a little before she ties you down.” He punched Joe in the arm the way men did: I’m only kidding, bro, ha ha! And Joe was once again grateful for Lola, who never needed force to speak of sadness. She would have simply said, I worry we won’t see each other as much. I worry you’ll leave me behind.

When he talked to her about his brother, she only said, “It’s your bachelor party. Go be a bachelor.”

“I’m not sure it’s a party if there’s only two of you.” [more]

You do know she's writing these pieces every morning, right? That she's just...spinning them out of mind and dream and thin air? Do you know how hard that is, every day? So go read them all, go comment, consider sponsoring her.

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