Friday, December 3, 2010

Froot bat: the psychology of vowels

Discussion in our house last night, just before we fell asleep:

"He's...hmmn, I was going to say batshit crazy but that's not quite right. He's bugfuck crazy. It's different. Why is that, do you suppose?"

"It's the vowel sounds. The uh sounds aggressive, dangerous. But a and i are less serious. It's like froot bat. Gotta say it with a double o. The oo is all eccentric and bouncy and cheerful. As well as, y'know, mad."

So there you have it: the nuanced psychology of vowels. Madness is all in the mouth.

And let me tell you, after a day of construction din next door (they are drilling up their driveway), we know all about the edge of madness.

However liberal application of Guinness, a spicy ham, kale, and white bean soup, followed by a luscious pumpkin thingie and ice cream improved my mood considerably...

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