Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Perbs in the mist...

...except, eh, the mist evaporated by the time I got out there with the camera. But here's the photo anyway--the dill is nearly as tall as I am. (Look carefully at the top right.) Whoa.

The weather is beautiful here: mist and fog every morning, sun every afternoon.

In a few days, though, I'll be in Los Angeles to teach the fiction workshop at LLF's Emerging Voices Retreat. I'm guessing the weather will be different there. I'm looking over my wardrobe and scratching my head. It turns out I've lost weight, and all my clothes are hanging off me; I look like a bag lady. (Why? No idea. I'm not exactly starving myself. As proof, here's yesterday's menu/s. Breakfast: scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms, English baked beans, and tea. Lunch: sauteéd beef strips--we use a lot, and I mean a lot, of olive oil--homemade rice pilaf (brown rice, green onion, almonds, mushrooms, red pepper, green pepper, courgette, smidge of garlic), sauteéd courgette, tea and chocolate. Beer around six--just two. Snacks: a dish of olives, a bowl of corn chips. Dinner: a McGyver meal of ground beef, fried up with onions, carrots, herbs, bit of red wine, served with mashed potatoes and steamed cabbage--yes, red meat twice in one day; no, not usual, at least not in summer--followed by nectarines. And tea of course. Supper: two slabs of fresh wholemeal bread, with a luscious layer of butter.) Anyway, now I'll have to dig out some really old stuff--ooh, maybe my ancient Threadless tees will fit again!

Speaking of the retreat, many thanks to all of you who helped raise $15,000 for scholarships for our Fellows. You have kind hearts and deep pockets. Your reward will be some beautiful books from new voices in just a few years. Their reward? A week of working like dogs under my hard eye.

Back to devising fiendish exercises...

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