Sunday, August 1, 2010

The cat who ate cheese

The other day we were visited by a long-haired Siamese cat. She wore a blue collar with a bell but no name tag. She seemed a bit thin--not starving, just not plump. She yelled at us. A lot. As Siamese cats do.

It's been a long time since we've had a cat around, so we didn't have any proper kitty food to hand. We gave her some cheese (fine by me--cheese is disgusting, not food at all, just an orange emetic as far as I'm concerned). She thought that was the best thing eva and then yelled at us until we gave her more.

She then groomed herself and fell asleep in the sun on the deck. For hours.

She came back the next day--sans collar--and this time got a handful of ground turkey. No, no, she told us, this was definitely the best food eva! Kelley spent some time on the deck saying hello:

But then Chow Mane (or maybe Chow Ciao--eats, shouts, and leaves) saw me and thought maybe I looked like the best food eva!

She seemed to mean business. I thought she was going to eat the camera.

We don't mind playing Auntie Mame to this cat, but we're not going to adopt her/him. We are not going to accept responsibility. So if you just happen to live in the Broadview neighbourhood, and you know anything about this loud (oh, dear god she's loud) beastie, let us know, okay?

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