Friday, July 2, 2010

Mostly trundling along

Not a massive amount to report today. The weather is really sucking, but that's (mostly) fine with me. I'm working like a (happy) dog on Hild. 130k words and counting. It's going to be a l-o-o-o-n-g first draft. (180K? Not sure. All I know is it's got to be done by my birthday.) I'm poised--literally the next paragraph--to write the iconic 'think of a sparrow flying through the hall' bit from Bede (HE, II.13). Hild, however, will not be impressed.

My perbs are (mostly) doing okay, though I've spent less time fussing over them since I broke my toe. (The toe aches, tuh.) The dill is getting positively spindly. We're experimenting with the taste of various herbaliciousnesses. Last night it was a chicken casserole with sage and thyme. Oddly, it occurred to me that cashews would work in the mix.

I've adjusted (mostly) to the new painting. But I still smile like a fool when I contemplate the room.

Over at Sterling Editing we have our weekly list of links for writers, including the Ten Commandments and how to maximise your video presence (with nifty video, of course).

Basically, life is trundling along. I just hope the sun comes out and people in the neighbourhood keep their fireworks in the scabbard until Sunday. I hope the caterwauling in the ravine stops soon. (Some cat in heat--must have read yesterday's rant.) I hope you're all planning the kind of Friday that will please you inordinately. Especially to Anne and to Larry: happy birthday!

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