Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The green, green things of home...

I promised some time ago to post photos of the garden. (Waving to Maureen.) Today has been the first sunny day, so I took the opportunity. Unfortunately, my camera broke. More precisely, it locked itself in some bizarre fashion so there's now only a few bytes of space on the memory card--enough for about 3 pictures.

Undeterred, I switched to another camera--new to me, and much fancier. And of course fucked everything up royally--all wrong exposure, managed to turn off the LCD view screen, kept pressing the wrong buttons, etc. etc. But, for you dear readers, I struggled on fearlessly. The result is this rather, ah, random assortment of photos of various bits of my garden.

Let's start with a shot from what I rather grandly call the North Garden, which is basically a path around the north side of the house, planted with all kinds of things I can't identify, including what looks like a giant mutant lavender bush. It smells like Paradise. That tree by the gate is a lilac.

This is a shot from the other end of the house, a view of our south-east side taken from the commons that lead down into the ravine.

This, on the other hand, is the view from the path leading to the North Garden, shot across our front lawn to the driveway, which is just beyond the so-rustic (i.e. dilapidated) fence.

Another shot of the North Garden, this time from the gate and back along the path. I love this place. It's the coolest place to hang out during a hot afternoon.

A view of our NE corner, leading to the wee North Garden (which, remember, is basically just a path between our house and the neighbour's barn).

This is a picture of part of the back garden. The back garden is ruthlessly monochrome: green only. Well, okay, and wood. But that's it. All very zen. Ish. Kind of.

A picture of our front roses and our doughty 1992 Paseo--the very first car I bought. Damn that car made me feel cool...

Random shot of some flowering thing (guesses on a postcard...) in the bed running opposite our front door.

More of the exclusive greens-only club area.

Oh, and one more of those because, y'know, it's right here.

Finally, a gratutious Perb shot:

The eagle-eyed among you will see that there are now two parsley plants. Why? Dunno. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

So that's it. You now know I take terrible photos and that our garden is in serious need of a trim. Also, seeing as I'm typing this at 3.27 a.m., that I'm not getting enough sleep.

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