Sunday, June 13, 2010

Perbs and Ferbs

As of yesterday, my new project is the growing of herbs. I've started planting them in pots on the back deck. So far I have sweet basil, marjoram, dill, thyme, and sage. I'm hoping that the sage and thyme grow well enough to get planted permanently in the front--where we have thriving rosemary, lavender, and oregano (also some variety of sage that isn't massively tasty), courtesy of the previous owners.

I can already tell that I'll be fussing over my pet herbs proudly every morning. Kelley calls them my Perbs for short, to distinguish them from the front herbs, or Ferbs. Right now they are of course tiny.

You can expect regular updates on their progress. It might be premature but I'm pondering delicious pasta salads with chive flowers, salmon with dill, tofu and basil dressing for greens. For whatever reason, I've been constantly hungry the last two or three days, despite eating enough for two normal human beings. I think the sun has driven my metabolism crazy.

Just so that the Ferbs don't feel left out, here are some pix of the front garden taken literally from the doorstep (that strange object to the left of the first pic is the handle on the white screendoor). This is what I see every morning. Roses to the left of me, roses to the right, more roses rising like periscopes from behind the rosemary. The grass needs mowing; eh, one thing at a time.

I think this might be the most lush I've seen our garden in June. One benefit to all that rain.

Tomorrow, I'll talk about books.

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