Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perb update

My Perbs (personal herbs, growing in pots on my back deck) are now two weeks old. Time for some gratuitous photo updates. (You can enlarge any and all by clicking on it.) If any of you know a lot about herbs and/or pot gardening, please (please!) feel free to chime in with tips and tricks. I'm pretty clueless about all this. All I know is that herbs taste good, enjoy sunshine, and require reasonably managed moisture levels.

This is the biggest pot, a mix of dill (which is growing like a weed--I've pinched of flowers a couple of times on the theory that this is, well, I dunno, it just seemed like a good idea), thyme, and chives (can't wait for the flowers, yum, love the taste of those things). They look as though they're doing okay. I think.

Parsley. This one looked very sickly when we brought it home, then it got dropped on its head--but it seems to be picking up nicely.

Marjoram. I think this is my favourite. Why? No idea. But if any survive the summer and indicate they might thrive over winter, I hope it's this one. (Though I kind of have hopes for the thyme, too.)

Basil. This smells the best but I'm a bit fretful about its long term prospects. It seems incredibly sensitive to moisture and lack of same. I'm thinking I should have put this in a bigger pot/more stable environment.

Sage. Better tasting than the stuff out front. It looks pretty sturdy, too. Next to it is some kind of mint--smushed close to the other pots in a vain attempt to give it shade. (That's what it's supposed to prefer but, frankly, I can't be bothered putting it somewhere else where I'll have to drag potting soil and watering can. So I'm thinking of this as an experiment.)

Speaking of sage, for comparison purposes here's what the sage and rosemary look like in the front garden: very butch, burly and territorial.

Here's a bunch o' stuff to the left of the front door that I can't name (apart from the roses). And, oh what the hell, here are the roses on the other side of the door.

If you want to see these roses from an entirely different perspective, see Kelley's blog, "What are the odds?"

Have a lovely Sunday.

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