Friday, June 25, 2010

Links for writers

Over at Sterling Editing we have our usual weekly list of links for writers. There are tips on writing a difficult protagonist (I read this one nodding, remembering writing Aud), what to expect from and how to behave in your first critique group, generating story ideas, and more.

One post is all about how difficult it is to be an author these days. We included it, because it's one perspective--but I have to say my life, right this minute, doesn't feel difficult. A year or two ago, yes, because the Great Publishing Upheaval and Panic was beginning, but much is becoming clear to me now. (That will have to wait a week or two for a long and thoughtful blog post. For the next wee while I'm racing the clock and will only have time for drive-by posts like this.)

Perhaps tomorrow or Sunday, though, I'll find time to take some pix of the garden, give you and update of the Perbs and Herbs. (And, be warned, solicit advice. I'm new at growing things in pots. I'm not wholly convinced I'll doing it right.)

Meanwhile, hey, the weekend is coming!

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