Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The miracle of chocolate

We had rain rain rain all day yesterday--but I didn't care, I had chocolate cloud cake with whipped cream (and dusted with powdered Scharffen Berger) for breakfast. Yes, breakfast. It was dark and rainy and I couldn't face another egg, we had no bacon, and I couldn't be bothered to make my fish and rice and veggies thing that I like so much. Chocolate cake (it's flourless, full of egg white goodness, as well as, y'know, chocolate) seemed like the answer. And it was perfect.

So perfect that after lunch (a properly cooked meal of pork chop and steamed baby carrots), I had another slice. And, damn, it was even better--and, bonus, the sun came out. I took two pictures as proof. Here's the lilac:

See how it's grown in just six days? Lilac. In March. Does my head in. And here's the neighbour's plum (more blossom) and the torture tree (more leaves).

Sunshine on a stormy day: the miracle of chocolate.

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