Friday, January 15, 2010

A Story for Haiti, and other linkage

The good folks at Crossed Genres have come up with a great way to help the people of Haiti. "We wanted to do something to encourage people to donate to the massive relief efforts that are underway. So we started Post A Story For Haiti./Below are links to a number of short stories. Their authors have posted these stories online to read, for free. You can read one or all of them, it’s up to you. More stories will be added as we are sent new links. And if you enjoy the free stories and want to show your appreciation, please donate to a charity involved in the Haiti relief efforts." (via Cheryl Morgan.) I posted "Down the Path of the Sun," the first story I wrote as an adult. Yes, it's full of baby writer tropes (it's based on a dream, it's set in a post-apocalyptic world) but go read it anyway, then go give some money.

Kelley has posted a photo of herself at 12. She looks astonishingly like herself. Seriously. The essential person hasn't changed. I often wonder how we would have got along as children. I'm pretty sure we would have been friends. Pretty sure. I think. But here's me at around the same age (just a year or so younger--yes, that's a skirt; I loved that thing). Judge for yourself:

And here are a bunch o' links for writers at Sterling Editing. All kinds of nifty stuff from nifty people, from serious thoughts on the industry to simple, practical tips on how to get organised and stay focused.

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